Sylvia G, formerly Milow The Girl, has led an unusual life. The swiss artist was at the age of four raised surrounded for a few months by lion cubs, a baby elephant ,chimpanzees and a menagerie of exotic wildlife. Her earliest memories were of her best friends, not neighbourhood children, but animals that have since then been a part of her life.

Her love for animals goes back as far as she can remember but her venture into music only much later.

In 2007, her career started when her song ”Waking up” received the award for best dance track at the USA song-writing contest. Two years later, she received the Award for Best European Singer at the LA music Awards.

In 2010, she was signed to US-based label Realize Records. That same year the label released her first album ”Days of power” recorded in Miami with french producer ”Charlie Nestor”. Vinnie Zummo, Joe Jackson's guitarist, collaborated on some of the tracks.

The album charted on US college radios. The debut was followed with her sophomore release ”32000 feet above” in 2012. The cd produced several successful singles including ”Beautiful world” and ”Distraction”. In 2013, Milow the girl partnered with UK based label Right Recordings to release the single ”Distraction” remixed by Timothy Allan and Lov Erush. The song went on to reach #14 on the New Music Week's Commercial Pop Chart.

The following year, the feature film ”Days of power” inspired by her ”Days of power” US Tour was filmed. The movie, a thriller, talks about the horror of puppy mills. In February 2015, the band's third release ”Overexposed” was one of the most streamed indie releases with nearly a million streams worldwide. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and London with producers/songwriters Robert Venable, Keaton Simons and Stuart Epps.

The album ”Dreams”, recorded in 2016, was co-written and produced in Los Angeles by Josh Ricchio. One of the title tracks, a remix of the Fleetwood Mac hit ”Dreams”, stays true to the original with its own unique sound. The cd reached #2 on the US Adult Contemporary downloads charts and #1 on the Adult Contemporary streaming chart. In june 2016 she performed at the Laconia Music Festival (New Hampshire) as supporting act for Steve Tyler.

In January 2018, Sylvia G is back in studios to record new songs with producer Stuart Epps alongside UK based Label Right Recordings .

In addition to her passion for music, the social conscious artist works alongside non profits such a Soi Dogs to protect animal rights and fight animal cruelty.