International Singer/Songwriter Milow The Girl & Realize Record’s Reach Signing Agreement


Realize Records announced today that they have signed Swiss born Singer/Songwriter Milow the Girl. The label will release and distribute the singer’s sophomore release, Days of Power.

The artist who recently won Best European singer at the Los Angeles Music Awards and for Best Dance/Electronica track at The USA Songwriting awards was scouted by an A&R rep in the international division at the label. Milow the Girl said, ’I am very happy to have reached an agreement with Realize Records and I’m thrilled to start working with them. I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship with the label and the opportunity to have my music reach new fans of music.”

“We knew we were looking for an artist that was different from what we currently had on the roster but we did not have a definitive idea of what genre of music. When we heard the tracks the music instantly connected with everyone at the label so we knew we had found the right artist. We kept finding that just when we would we think we had heard the best song, the next track would be even better. We are thrilled to be working with such an incredible artist. I personally have become a fan of the music and the artist behind it. We are looking forward to unveiling the many layers of Milow the Girl in the U.S. and around the world” states, Label CEO Michel Grey.

To find out more about Milow the Girl and her upcoming release you can visit To see video diaries, visit Milow the Girl’s youtube channel at