Neufutur Magazine Review's Milow the Girl's "Dreams"


Neufutur Magazine reviews Milow the Girl Featuring Sylvia G's new CD "Dreams" giving it 8.3 out of 10 stars. A few quotes from the review:  "Electrified is a wonderful example of a crossover pop track that takes on equal amounts of EDM, alternative rock, and pop to make something that is tremendously infectious and catchy." and "I Heard You Say is one of our favorite tracks on Dreams as it is stylistically different than the average track on the album. This is a much more traditional alt-pop effort; hints of new wave and eighties goth music can be discerned here. There is a current and contemporary approach taken to the vocals here, making for a track that fans of a wide swath can appreciate. The instrumentation and vocals unite to make for a taut track that will have fans on the edges of their seats." The full review can be read on the magazines blog at the following link. The band will be performing at select dates in the US in November. For the most up to date information visit the tour page at The Official Milow the Girl website