New Interview With Sylvia G From Milow the Girl On Love Music Blog


The international music blog Love Music has interviewed Sylvia G from Milow the Girl about her latest musical endeavors and upcoming projects. An excerpt from the interview is below and You can read the full interview here. Follow Milow the Girl and Sylvia G on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and tour dates. 

Love Music : Please tell us about your new CD " Dreams " and where do you feel your music is headed?  

Milow the Girl : I think that we forgot how to dream. We live on a fast track, the world has changed so much there is so little left for Dreams. Children have this wonderful ability to dream, they live in a world of fantasy without boundaries were nothing is impossible. An unlimited imagination. I guess that we lose this ability as we become adults. We all have some kind of dreams inside our hearts inside our heads, we just need to learn how to open the windows again.